RentSCORE Report

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the Property Management Industry, RentSCORE is a report tailored to the specific rental thresholds established by the landlord.

Available instantly via the Internet, it was developed to eliminate the potential liability that can exist with the reliance on personal intepretation of screening results.

RentSCORE provides a consistent and unbiased decision that incorporates personal credit, court filings, and employment data, making certain that an applicant is the right fit for your property.


Our Nationwide Criminal and Sex-Offender Reports provide the peace of mind when considering prospective rental applicants.

Our searches scan millions of nationwide, state, local, and federal criminal data records and provide results instantly via the Internet.

This report can be incorporated into The Rundown Report and the RentSCORE Report.


Available instantly, via the Web, The Rundown Report should be an integral part of any tenant screening process.

When leasing your property, you need assurance that a prospective applicant meets the financial qualifications and satisfactory rental history that you require.

The Rundown Report combines this information and presents it in a user-friendly format so rental decisions can be made quickly and with confidence.