Failure To
Pay Rent

E-JECT is an internet-based Case Management System that streamlines the Landlord Tenant Court Filing Process, providing an easy method for managing and tracking Failure To Pay Rent Cases.

Since it is web-based, property managers can perform dismissals and amendments more quickly and efficiently.

E-JECT has a robust reporting mechanism that can identify Judgment Absolutes, provide information for dispute resolution, and assist with renewal decisions.

Warrant Of Restitution

By design, E-JECT is guided by the court filing process, moving from the initial Failure To Pay Rent matter to the subsequent filing of the Warrant of Restitution complaint.

This second stage event is time-sensitive and must be executed in order to repossess rented property.

E-JECT provides an efficient resource for expediting this process.


Some Landlord/Tenant matters require a more hands-on approach. We provide attorneys to assist with special proceedings such as:

-Tenant Holding Over
-Breach of Lease
-Wrongful Detainer
-Rent Escrow Cases

Additionally, our attorneys can draft a Line of Dismissal, Motion to Vacate, Lease Agreement, and other Custom Notices.